You are about to enroll as a spectator in the Hobie Fishing Brasil 2. Hobie Brasil will gladly receive you at the Grandes Lagos Thermas, a tourism complex in the countryside of São Paulo state, located in Santa Clara d'Oeste city, where the tournament will be held on 14, 15, 16 and 17 September 2018.





Note: This information will only be used in case of emergency and will be confidential.


What is included!
All of this and much more is included in your Hobie Fishing Brasil 2 Championship experience:

Registration fee per person BR$870.00 (competitors and family members)

  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a cottage in the Great Lakes Thermas;
  • Registration in the Hobie Fishing Brasil Championship;
  • Access to the exclusive water park for guests staying in the Thermas Grandes Lagos;
  • Breakfast for competitors and companions (Sat, Sun and Mon);
  • Lunch for the companions (Sat and Sun);
  • Opening Ceremony Dinner (Friday);
  • First Day of Competition dinner (Saturday);
  • Closing Ceremony Dinner (Sunday);
  • A lifetime of memories of the Hobie Way of Life;
  • And much more

Shuttle Van: BR$200.00

After you arrive at São José do Rio Preto airport, Hobie Brasil will offer a shuttle service for the trip to Grandes Lagos Thermas, which is approximately 130 miles.

Family member registration total: BR$1,070.00 (USD280.00 based on 3.82 exchange rate)

All values are going to be charged in Brazilian Reais (BR$)

Prices are based on shared accommodations. If you plan to bring family members or friends, each of them will need to sign up by completing their own application forms. If you have more questions concerning rooms, please contact Hobie Fishing Brasil using the Contact us form on the top page menu.

Enter the name of the competitor who invited you

Please, provide the names of the family names or anglers you would like to share the room with.


I give to Hobie Brasil and parts designated by Hobie Brasil, including customers, licensees and buyers, the right to use my name, photos and videos containing images captured during the Hobie Fishing Brasil tournament in any media regarding marketing, commerce, exhibition, exposition, social media, television or editorial use.

I am aware that the responsibility of my participation in Hobie Fishing Brasil 2 will be mine alone. I am aware of the dangers regarding kayak fishing. I agree that organizations or individuals involved with Hobie Fishing Brasil 2, including sponsors, promoters, Hobie Brasil or any other party, shall have no liability for possible injuries I may suffer due to any negligence on my part during the event or while on its premises. In addition, I agree that I must accept all the Hobie Fishing Brasil 2 Tournament rules, including the usage rules of the Grandes Lagos Thermas. I am also aware that, since personal safety will be responsibility of each competitor, the organization authority will not be held responsible for any material damages, physical injuries or decease that occur before, during or after the tournament.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understood this term of responsibility and accept all terms and agreements contained therein.