Although only Brazilian anglers can qualify for Hobie Fishing Worlds 8, Anglers from all over the world can compete and fish to be the Brazilian Champion.


The HFB 2 – Hobie Fishing Brasil 2– is going to be the national sport fishing kayak championship, qualifying for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 8, the world kayak fishing championship, in which will participate the kayak-anglers who were able to reach the best positions in the national championships of their respective countries. HFB 2 will be based on the Grandes Lagos Thermas, a tourism complex in the countryside of São Paulo state, located in Santa Clara d’Oeste city, 600 km away from São Paulo, on the Paraná River banks. This Brazilian championship will be held in two days of competition and additional 20 hours for pre and post-match ambiences, divided into four days, aiming to provide a longer period of interaction among the competitors, promoting integration, leisure and confraternization.

Participation in the competition is open to both Hobie kayak owners and kayak owners of other brands. The championship also aims to promote knowledge of sport fishing through the dissemination and sharing of experiences among the participants, enabling everyone to become even more technical anglers by the end of the event. HFB 2 also aims to promote sport fishing and its importance regarding the environment preservation.


All competitors are to behave respectfully, with sportsmanship and courtesy for the sake of their own credibility, the credibility of the event’s sponsors and Hobie Brasil, in a mutual effort to promote kayak sport fishing, fully complying with the event’s rules.


1.1 The consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages or any type of mind-altering substance during each event shall be prohibited.
1.2 The break period between the two sessions (day 15 and 16) shall not be covered by rule 1.
1.3 All competitors are not to be under the influence of alcohol or any kind of mind-altering substance during the competition, legally required blood alcohol levels must be respected and Hobie Brasil reserves the right to request a blood alcohol test prior to the start of each session or in the course of them.
1.4 The disclosure of images and/or videos in which the competitors are consuming alcohol and illicit substances during each session shall also be prohibited.
1.5 The use or consumption of illegal substances shall be strictly prohibited throughout the tournament period, from 2 pm of 14/9 to 11 am of 17 September.

Noncompliance with items 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 shall disqualify the offending competitor and shall change all ranking influenced by the canceled position of the offending competitor.

1.6 Shall be forbidden the participation of a suspended/disqualified competitor, who has been prevented from participating in any other tournament or fishing organization at national and/or global level organized or sponsored by Hobie and/or one of its subsidiaries, including Hobie Brasil, as well as national and international partners and sponsors.
1.7 Shall be forbidden all comments, conduct or actions that tend to disqualify the efforts to promote participant safety, sportsmanship, companionship, fair and honest competition, and compliance with established rules. Noncompliance with this rule will disqualify the offending competitor and will change all ranking influenced by the canceled position of the offending competitor.
1.8 Shall be forbidden all comments, conduct or actions that disqualify, disrespect, slander or affect the morale of organizers, competitors, partners, sponsors, individuals or legal entities that maintain relationship of any nature with Hobie Brasil and the Hobie Fishing Brasil event, for color, race, origin, religion, political choice, sexual and gender orientation, or any other individual characteristic. Noncompliance with this rule shall disqualify the offending competitor and change all ranking influenced by the invalid position of the offending competitor.
1.9 All the above include verbal communication, writing, social media and any other means, whether these media are provided by Hobie Brazil or not.
1.10 Any conduct that is contrary to the principles of the event and which is not covered above will be analyzed and, if necessary, punished according to what is considered fair by the organization.
1.11 In case of breach of any of these terms of conduct, the HFB 2 organization will refuse to enroll or will disqualify an offending competitor already enrolled, or after the tournament’s end, altering or not the final ranking.
1.12 In the event of competitor disqualification, the fees paid by the offender will not be refunded.


2.1 All competitors, without exception, must make use of a life vest or buoyancy vest on their kayaks during the competition. The competitor who is caught without this equipment will be disqualified from all competition.
2.2 It is not allowed to wear any clothing over the life vest, even in the event of low temperatures. This indispensable protection equipment should be used on top of any other clothing.
2.3 The life vest should be visible. Any clothing worn over the vest will be interpreted as non-compliance with the rule and punished as such, due to the impossibility of supervising the use of the vest at a distance.
2.4 In case there are images proving a competitor fails to make use of the life vest at any time in violation of rule 2.1, even if proof comes up after the end of the second round of HFB 2, the offending competitor shall be disqualified and all ranking influenced by the canceled position of the offending competitor shall be altered.
2.5 At the check-in of each session, every competitor will receive a security key that must be deposited in the Security Panel as soon as they leave water, finalizing their participation in the day’s session.
2.6 In the event of competitor/s not returning the safety key until the end of the session, it will be understood by the HFB 2 organization that such competitor/s did not return to the event’s base and will therefore will initiate water searches for the missing competitor/s.
2.7 The triggering of water search motivated only by neglection of key return will result in the disqualification of such competitor/s.
2.8 Hobie Brasil emphasizes that sportsmanship principles dictate that care of fellow anglers is of the upmost importance. If an angler is in distress, it is expected that other anglers will assist, but never put themselves at risk. All competitors should keep in mind that its own or third-party safety will always be more important than the day’s catch.
2.9 Whenever necessary and possible, emergency calls may and should be made to the tournament’s organization.
2.10 All competitors should be aware that the tournament organization will not condone any unsafe act and will seek to restrain them, but personal safety will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of each registered competitor.

3. Kayaks

3.1 Both owners of Hobie kayaks and kayak owners of other brands may participate.
3.2 A total of 50 spots will be initially available.
3.3 Adhesives, assemblies, accessories or modifications to the boats are allowed.
3.4 Kayaks with the following propulsion systems may be used: rowing, pedal and sailing. Any other type of propulsion will not be allowed, and fishes caught when in its use will not be valid.
3.5 Tandem kayaks with more than one competitor are not allowed. Even if a double or triple kayak is used, only one competitor may be on board.


4.1 Attendance to the daily briefings will be mandatory for all competitors.
4.2 Being late to a briefing will incur a 15 minutes penalty at the departure time. Any late competitor will start 15 minutes later than the other competitors.
4.3 Failure to attend a briefings shall result in that competitor penalized 50cm for each missing briefing, in the final score.


5.1 The check-in schedule is available in this set of rules but beware for they may be altered. Alteration or not, they will be announced at the Daily Briefing and disclosed in the notice board.
5.2 Attending to the check-in will be essential, since right after each briefing begins, the competitors will receive the Security Key, Tag and the event’s official Measuring board. In case of no-show to the check-in, the competitor will be unable to present and validate the catches.
5.3 Will only receive the Security Key, Tag and Measuring board the competitor that presents the Amateur Fishing License, Category B – Shipped, with valid expiration date up to day 17/9/2018.
5.4 Delays regarding the check-in will result in penalties in the final score of 5cm for each day of delay.
5.5 After each daily check-in, before the competition begins, each kayak may be checked.
5.6 The start procedures will be announced by the Competition Director at the Daily Briefing.


6.1 T be announced at the briefing.


7.1 The target species will be the peacock and the trahira.
7.2 To be valid, each catch must have at least 30cm.
7.3 In each competition day, the goal for each competitor will be to present to evaluation and ranking, up to 3 (three) specimens of target species.
7.4 The welfare of the fish will be in the sole responsibility of the competitor.
7.5 Any competitor who is on water out of competition time, with or without fishing equipment shall be disqualified from the tournament.


8.1 The HFB 2 fishing method consists solely and exclusively in cast-and-retrieve.
8.2 Trolling shall not be permitted. Shall not be valid for scoring the fish that may be caught by trolling. The competitor observed making use of such feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.3 Natural bates will not be allowed, neither dead nor alive. The competitor observed making use of restricted bates will be disqualified from the competition.
8.4 Only artificial bates and flies can be used to catch valid fish.
8.5 The “Alabama rigs” or “multi rigs” settings will not be allowed. The competitor observed making use of such feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.6 Commercially sold scents may be added to the baits.
8.7 Each competitor may make use of only one rod at a time and consequently only one artificial bait on the water, being the use of “waiting stick” not allowed. The competitor observed using this feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.8 The rod being used must be hand held at all times while fishing.
8.9 All fish must be captured and returned in a sporting manner. The fish should be handled quickly and released immediately after fully recovered. The competitor may only start fishing again after releasing caught the fish.
8.10 The competitor may not use for scoring fish caught outside each session or caught by third parties. The competitor observed using this feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.11 The competitor is not allowed to receive assistance to ship and/or film the fish.
8.12 Presented catches made by a third party will cause the disqualification of the involved competitor(s).
8.13 The same fish can neither be present by the same nor a different angler during the two days of the event. The competitor who is observed using this feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.14 Only kayak fishing shall be allowed. In-land fishing, even if the angler has reached the location by kayak, will not be considered valid. No other type of vessel will be allowed. The competitor observed using this feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.15 During the hours of competition, competitors shall not obtain or receive assistance from third parties, competitor or not, from someone embarked or disembarked. Therefore, no competitor should rely on markers placed by third parties, as well as to be towed or transported on motorized vessels or otherwise receiving electronic, voice or data communication. Except in the case of rescue, during which the competitor shall be prevented from fishing and HFB 2 organization must be notified as soon as possible. The competitor observed using this feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.16 Fishing with the help of local guides is forbidden from September 1st, 2018 to the final day of the event. The competitor observed using this feature will be disqualified from the competition.
8.17 All competitors must also respect the local rules for fishing and navigation. Hobie and local authorities may patrol the water area during the event.
8.18 The starting time for the sessions can be found in this set of rules but are susceptible to change – altered or not – they will be announced by the competition director in the previous day and also posted on the official notice board.
8.19 While fishing, kayaks should keep a minimum distance of 50m from each other.


9.1 A 20km radius of within Thermas Great Lakes center will be considered the valid fishing area.


10.1 It is strictly prohibited for any competitor registered in Hobie Fishing Brasil to fish in the tournament area within 5 (five) days prior to the competition. The area will be closed from and including Monday, September 10, 2018 until and including Friday, September 14, 2018.
10.2 This pre-fish ban means it is not allowed for any competitor to access the competition valid areas, for any reason whatsoever.
10.3 During the pre-fish ban period no competitor will be allowed on the tournament waters, as well as no other person in attempt to locate fish or obtain fishing information on the behalf of any competitor or someone who can provide such information to the competitor.


11.1 Hobie Fishing Brasil – Rio Grande will be held in two days of competition (weather permitting).

  • Saturday, September 15 – Day 1
  • Sunday, September 16 – Day 2

11.2 In the event of a bad weather forecast, there may be changes or suspension regarding the competition. The occurrence of rain without winds that interfere with the navigability and without the incidence of atmospheric discharge, the sessions will be held normally.


12.1 The competitor which happens to be more than 15 minutes late after the session’s end, will be disqualified e will lose every catch of the day.
12.2 Penalties will be deducted from the competitor’s accumulated length and may result in a negative score.
12.3 Competitors may return to the place of event earlier to the end of the session but once their safety key is placed on the Safety Dashboard, that competitor will no longer be allowed to return to the water on that day.


Catch, Film, Release (CFR)

13.1 To be valid each specimen caught of the target species must be filmed while supported by the measuring board given by the organization, this way the length can be clearly seen before the fish is released. The release must be seen on video without editing and must be made carefully.
13.2 At the end of the session, each competitor should write down the name of the selected video file on the Catch Card.
13.3 Length shall be determined from the forward-most point of the fish to the longest point of the tail. The fish’s mouth shall be in the ZERO mark of the measuring board and terminated at the most prominent tip of the fish tail.
13.4 The competition director should watch the videos to verify the results.
13.5 The competition director will be responsible for the final decision at all times.
13.6 The sum of the valid fish measures for each competitor on the first day shall be added to that of the second day in order to determine the final score of the tournament.
13.7 In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker shall be based on the following criteria:

  1. Longest specimen captured on the second day of competition
  2. Longest specimen captured on the first day of competition
  3. The second longest specimen captured on the second day of competition
  4. The second longest specimen captured on the first day of competition
  5. Third longest specimen captured on the second day of competition
  6. Third longest specimen captured on the first day of competition
  7. Should the tie still persist, the Competition Director may determine a new tiebreaker.


14.1 Filming should be made with the angler’s own camera. No help will be allowed whatsoever for catching, handling and/or filming the fish.
14.2 To film the fish participants shall only use digital cameras or any other digital device with removable memory cards SD Card or Micro SD Card. Devices for this finality cannot be shared by competitors.
14.3 Each competitor who catches a specimen must inform the organization to receive a capture registration card and a zip-lock bag.
14.4 Images may not be altered, edited, enhanced or in any way digitally manipulated.
14.5 Into the zip-lock bag, each competitor must present to the organization; the removable memory card and also signed and properly filled catch card (with the names of the files to be analyzed by the organization). The competitor must also write the name and Tag number of the day on the bag.
14.6 The HFB 2 organization will be fully equipped to read memory cards SD Card or Micro SD Card, but each competitor should bring the USB cable from the filming equipment to assure the videos can be extracted directly from the camera and downloaded, in case there’s any trouble with the memory card.
14.7 Prior to the competition, each competitor should make sure that both the equipment and memory card are properly working.
14.8 The memory cards should not contain any files at the beginning of the competition. They should be blank/empty.
14.9 Memory cards will be given back to the competitors after the verification of the day’s catches.


15.1 All the criteria below must be met, otherwise filming will not be valid.
15.2 Filming must be made in high resolution, show the whole fish and be clean and clear, so that there’s no possible questioning about the measure. Except for the competitor’s hand, which will keep the fish on the measuring board and the fishing grip, the fish must be clear of any devices during the filming. Tip and tale must no be obstructed in the video.
15.3 Measurement markings on measuring board shall be clearly visible in the image.
15.4 The official Tag number received by the competitor on the check in shall be visible in the video.
15.5 While filming, the fishing grip may be used. In this case the fish’s tip must be in the zero mark of the measuring board, free of all possible obstructions or visual interferences of the grip or any other object.
15.6 Fish must be positioned along the measuring board with its tip on the zero mark (0 cm), always with its mouth closed and supported by the measuring board.
15.7 In the same image, no editing allowed, the releasing of the fish shall be shown, in full survival conditions.
15.8 The competitor may only keep the fingers over the fish in order to hold it on the measuring board, but there must be a minimum distance of 1cm between the fingers.
15.9 The competitor which uses part of or the hole hand’s palm to hold the fish over the measuring board will have its catch disqualified.
15.10 Any failure to meet the filming criteria will disqualify the catch.

Sample of measuring board

Completed catch card (sample only)



16.1 It is the angler’s responsibility to write down on the Catch Card the files containing the fish that will be presented for validation. The competitor must include on the Catch Card each of the fish that will be presented for measuring, a total of 3 (three) specimens of target species for each day of competition. Without filming of the fish’s measuring, there will be no point validation, as well as no points will be valid without the filming of the fish releasing. Points will also be invalid for shootings with missing TAGS. The tournament organization will verify only the files specified on the Catch Card.
16.2 The catch card with no file names regarding the videos will have its catches disqualified.
16.3 It is entirely the angler’s responsibility to indicate the exact files to be analyzed for score validation. If an angler specifies in the catch card a file containing a smaller fish and only later realizes the mistake, the organization will not go over the score.
16.4 The time limit for anglers to complete and return the zip-lock bags containing the Catch Cards, memory cards with video files and official TAG, will be 20 minutes after the official closing time of that day’s session. In the bag the competitor’s name and Key number for the day should be clearly visible.
16.5 Failure to present the Catch Card on time may result in a length penalty of 5cm per minute of delay on the competitor’s final score.
16.6 When measuring, fish lengths shall be rounded for measurements smaller than 0.5 centimeter. Measures of 0.1 to 0.4 will be disregarded and measures of 0.6 to 0.9 will be rounded to 0.5. For example: a fish measuring 40.4 cm will be considered as measuring 40 centimeters, while a fish that measures 40.9 centimeters will be considered as measuring 40.5 centimeters.
16.7 The measures specified on the Catch Card should be already rounded following the example above. To be valid, all catch cards should be filled in cm.


17.1 It is strictly prohibited the use of communication devices such as mobile phones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, pagers or any other electronic devices which allow the competitor to communicate with any person, even family members. Anglers caught communicating in the ways listed shall be disqualified for that day. 
17.2 The communication among the anglers will be allowed on the water as long as there’s no use of any electronic devices and a minimum distance of 5m is kept.
17.3 Emergency calls through electronic devices are allowed but should be made strictly to emergency numbers listed on the official notice board.


18.1 All protest found necessary by any competitor should be submitted to the Tournament Board of Directors, in writing, along with R$ 100,00, within 20 (twenty) minutes of the end of the session time for each day.
18.2 Any concerns regarding clarification of the rules shall be presented to the Tournament Board of Directors BEFORE the start of each day’s session.


19.1 Enrollment and a guaranteed spot in Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 to be the Brazilian competitor at the tournament. The champion will be the one with the biggest cm amount by the end of the 2nd day of competition. 
19.2 Trophies for the first 5 (five) places.
19.3 Longest Fish Trophy for the catch of the longest specimen of the tournament’s target species.
19.4 Sponsor prizes may be awarded.
19.5 Additional enrollments and spots for Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 may be available for other competitors from the 2nd on. The criteria will depend on factors to be known only when the host country for the next world championship is defined.


20.1 In the event of unfavorable weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, a minimum of 4 hours of competition in each one of the 2 days will be necessary for the event to be valid. In the event of a round lasting less than 4 hours, no results will be valid.


21.1 During competition and awarding moments, all competitors should only wear official and organization-approved clothing, including hats and glasses. Failure to fulfill this rule may result in disqualification.
21.2 It is mandatory at all days of competition, while fishing or during outside-water events, the use of the identification name-tag that will be provided to each competitor.


22.1 Rule interpretation is exclusively left to the organization and/or IHFC (Hobie Brasil). Decisions reached will be final in all matters and are not subjected to appeal.
22.2 Any rule alteration will be posted on the event’s official notice board and on the event’s website prior to each day’s session, as well as highlighted during the briefings.
22.3 In case of force majeure or lack of adequate time, all rules are subject to change without notice and will follow the competition Director or Hobie Brasil criteria.
22.4 All rules will be applied according to the interpretation of the tournament Directors and/or Hobie Brasil and the final decision will be made by the Tournament’s General Director.
22.5 The Tournament Director and/or Hobie Brasil has the right to modify, change or move the tournament location.